Media-Go Partners with Shure for Refining Audio Solution

Media-Go endeavors to develop the tremendous business potential of Asia Pacific regions with cutting-edge technologies and one-stop audio-visual systems integration services. To further strengthen our capability for diversified solutions, Media-Go is excited to announce that we have officially signed a Partnership Agreement with Shure Asia, one of the leading and most reputable audio systems providers worldwide.

The joint forces of Media-Go in Hong Kong and Macau will be able to push the awareness and implementation of Shure’s greatest audio technology to customers in both regions, while Shure can get closer to the customers more directly with Media-Go’s broad business network.

Together, we look forward to bringing clients customized AV solutions provided by Media-Go with unbeatable audio products from Shure. The joint strengths of both companies shall underpin our irreplaceable status in the AV industry.

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