Vision & Mission


Media-Go aims to be the market leader in digital audiovisual industry in the next decade to create a wonderful world, through the advanced technology, providing flexibility and simplification in daily lives communication.


Media-Go stands at the forefront to provide the advanced AV solutions to maximize the effectiveness of communication media. We are customer-focused to help you to be outstanding among your competitors with state-of-the-art AV technology.


Commitment to Quality

We comply with ISO-9001 protocol, a set of globally recognized standards that defines a qualified assurance system. Media-Go is the Government registered electrical contractor, approved supplier of materials and specialist contractor for public works (Audio & Video Electronics Installation), and CIC registered subcontractor. These qualifications ensure our high standards in quality and performance.



Our team is dedicated to provide customers with customized designs for all scenarios and applications, and help them stand out from their competitors. Customers will be benefited from the flexibility and convenience of the systems we offered.



We possess highly-trained and experienced professionals to offer the most efficient, reliable and user-friendly audiovisual solutions. Constant trainings are given to all our qualified service supervisors and technicians regularly to keep abreast of the latest skills and technologies. Our expertise drives us to overcome the challenges of today and tomorrow with outstanding performance.



Certified by ISO-14001, we commit to manage project execution while minimizing the environmental footprints. We would develop our business in line with sustainability.


Compliance with Code of Ethics

We persist with a high standard of integrity and work in accordance with our code of ethics. We value goodwill and promise to accomplish our duties in an ethical way.



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