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Technology Consultation

Our well-experienced team always keeps abreast of the latest AV technologies and is capable of providing customers with professional solutions and advices.

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System Design

We are considerate to listen to customers’ needs and requirements to design a customized solution for them.

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Software & Hardware Development

We have a professional team that is capable of developing software and hardware in compliance with customers’ needs and requirements. We offer system upgrade to help customers to keep up with the ongoing technology advancement.

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System Programming

Once the customized system design is ready, we will start programming and go through numerous testing to ensure smooth system operation.

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We are a reliable representative of many well-known manufacturers and suppliers around the world.

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System Integration

We provide one-stop integration service of different systems. With everything integrated, centralized control brings much convenience and flexibility to the users.

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Managed Services

Our professional team is always ready for providing customers with timely support and operation at their places. We aim to assist and provide guidance to customers in the most efficient way.

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We offer professional trainings to customers after the completion of a project. It ensures our customers to be totally educated and familiar with the system operation and functionalities.

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Maintenance & Support

We care about after-sales services by offering all-round maintenance and support services. The around-the-clock maintenance service minimizes the loss by system downtime.


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