Announcement of Media-Go’s New Corporate Identity

Established in 1988, Media-Go Group of Companies specializes in providing cutting-edge and reliable audiovisual (AV) solutions and AV products distribution. After serving as one of the leading companies in the AV industry for over 29 years, it is time for us to have a significant change for reinforcing our leading strengths, and demonstrating our capability of varying and growing with time.

We are proud to announce the launch of our new company’s logo as part of the ongoing revamp of the group’s image. Our company’s logo is now changed from the original one in gray (left) to the orange one (right) as shown below, effective from 1 December 2016.

logo change 01 Media Gos New Corporate Identity

Attributes of the new logo:

A new image of energetic, modern and enthusiastic with orange corporate color in a chic font, showing we are always active and stand at the forefront to bring new technology to the AV industry.

Slide button with one-slide to unlock everything, representing that we are considerate to listen to what our customers need, and are capable of providing customers with one-stop professional services in compliance with their requirements, and make them outstanding among their competitors.

“Media Go” is positioned in front of the slide button, symbolizing that we are always at the forefront and never lag behind any competitors. We would continue to lead the way in AV industry.

The new slogan “Technology for Future” represents Media-Go can provide advanced AV solutions, and we are committed to explore advanced AV technology and bring a high-tech future to customers.

We herein hope to celebrate our new chapter of development with all of you. With the company’s logo revamped, we sincerely wish our proven history of excellence plus a modernized corporate identity shall help Media-Go to further stand out from the market.

Logo concepts EN 01 1 Media Gos New Corporate Identity

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