Shure Experience Center
A Pioneering Showroom with Applications to Real-life Workspace

[1 February 2017 – Hong Kong] The partnership between Media-Go Engineering Ltd and Shure Asia Limited since September 2016 is not only followed by the reinforced business capabilities, but also more opportunities for cooperation and development. The newly established Shure Experience Center in Hong Kong is the best example, showing how the strengths of both companies make it possible for this first-of- its-kind demo facility to offer a true experience of Shure’s audio solutions in a real-life, modern corporate environment.

Situated in the new, expanded office of the Shure Asia regional headquarters in Hong Kong, the Shure Experience Center, which is installed with diverse audiovisual systems, serves as a demo space as well as conference and training facility, demonstrating how Shure’s audio solutions can be applied to a real-life workspace. Comprising a high-end Boardroom, Huddle Room, and a large Multi-Purpose Room, each with live product demonstration capabilities, it provides various applications for Shure customers and partners in Asia.

“We put great emphasis on the audio quality and performance of our products. Simplicity – both from an aesthetic and technological perspective – is another, important consideration for our customers, and that’s why the Shure Experience Center also integrates a range of third-party technologies to show what simplicity really is in a corporate environment.” says William Chan, Managing Director of Shure Asia. The Shure Experience Center was successfully built to create a state-of-the-art and intelligent workspace. It is not only equipped with Shure audio products, but also with diversified audiovisual and control systems integrated and installed by Media-Go.

As a reliable systems integrator, Media-Go provided Shure with one-stop professional services including installation of equipment, dismantling of existing equipment, project management and site coordination, system programming, room scheduling configuration, system T&C, drawings and submissions. Media-Go helped Shure to create a demo space from the beginning to the completion, and from an audio-focused workspace to a multi-functional and highly collaborative one.

Video conferencing no doubt is a key means of collaboration among people at different corners of the world. Eliminating geographical barriers for smooth video conferencing, Media-Go deployed Cisco SX10 and SX20 Quick Set HD which deliver high-definition videos and multi-party conferencing with the flexibility to accommodate various room sizes and configurations, to different rooms in the Center. Pairing with Muxlab HDMI over Twisted Pair Extender, Sony HD camera, and Shure’s Microflex Advance and Microflex Wireless Microphones, video conferencing becomes highly flexible with refined performance.

In Shure Experience Center, the meeting rooms are integrated with multiple branded systems that are distributed by Media-Go, for instance, Shure, Crestron, Sharp, Muxlab, Biamp, Cisco, Sony, HiteVision, and more. A wide range of systems works seamlessly with Shure’s professional audio solutions. Apart from the application of series of Shure wired and wireless microphone systems, all meeting rooms are equipped with a Crestron processor to enable control over all equipment at a fingertip. Crestron central control system covers everything from selection of microphone configurations or audio sources, volume control, to tele- and video-conferencing, TV and video presentation, and room lighting. All can be set and managed easily via a custom-programmed app on iPads which are placed in each room. The Crestron central control system ultimately allows to achieve more energy saving and better resources allocation.

Managing room bookings is another challenge for large corporate clients with various function rooms. Media-Go configured a Crestron room scheduling system at the door of each room of the Shure Experience Center, allowing quick room status checking and instant room booking. The room scheduling system is connected to the company’s Outlook calendar to allow fast, real-time booking and effectively avoid meeting conflicts.

Following the trend of easy, wireless collaboration, Media-Go also integrated Sharp Interactive Whiteboards and HiteVision Wireless Presentation Gateway into the Center. Meeting attendees can now make use of the Interactive Whiteboards which feature quick annotation and multiple value-added functions, and can wirelessly share the screens of their computers or smart devices on the large TVs via the Wireless Presentation Gateway. The solution allows several participants to share their content via a split screen at the same time, making collaboration easier, more efficient and more interesting.

Media-Go’s diversified services assisted Shure to create a fully functional and practical demo space for giving more inspirations and true experience to Shure’s partners and customers. This insightful facility shall lead Shure to go further in the industry and bring mutual benefits to its partners including Media-Go.

newsroom pic03 Shure Experience Center

Boardroom at Shure Experience Center

shure experience center02 Shure Experience Center

Huddle Room with Cisco SX10 Quick Set HD, Muxlab over Twisted Pair Extender(Tx & Rx), Crestron Digital Media 8G+

shur experience center03 Shure Experience Center

Multi-purpose Room with Wireless Presentation Gateway and Shure Ceiling Array Microphones

About Media-Go Group of Companies
Established in 1988, Media-Go Group of Companies specializes in providing diverse advanced, reliable, and customized audiovisual solutions for the AMEA regions (Asia, Middle-East and Africa). Our wide scope of solutions include: Collaboration Solution, AV Integration Solution, Central Control Solution, Digital Media Solution, and Innovative Technology Solution. We offer professional one-stop services that cover from technology consultation, systems design and programming, software and hardware development, systems installation, system integration, training, to maintenance and support.

About Shure Asia Limited
Shure Asia Limited ( is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shure Incorporated, the world’s leading manufacturer of microphones and audio electronics. Shure’s diverse product line includes world-class wired microphones, wireless microphone systems, in-ear personal monitoring systems, conferencing and discussion systems, networked audio systems, award-winning earphones and headphones, and top-rated phonograph cartridges. Established in Hong Kong in 1999, the company’s regional presence is an extension of the head office providing sales, marketing and technical support for its channel partners within the Asia-Pacific region.


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